Plan For A Trip Through A Mountainous Region

Posted on: 17 September 2018

If you purchased a 4x4 vehicle that you plan on driving through a mountainous region while en route to the other side of the country, don't take the chance of getting stuck in mud or excess water by not having equipment that is needed to dislodge tires and regain traction. A well-equipped cargo space and basic recovery skills will help keep you mobile throughout the adventure.

Map Out Your Route

Driving solo can seem like pure freedom, but it can also be intimidating if you are driving down roads that you are unfamiliar with. This is why it is of utmost importance to map out your route so that you maintain on track while driving.

There is nothing worse than being wishy washy and opting to take an unknown route, just to find out that you have encountered a detour or that part of a roadway is damaged. In addition to preparing which roads to take, research the current and impending weather conditions so that you are aware of probable dangers associated with high winds or abundant rainfall.

Pack Automotive Supplies

A jack, shovel, compressed air unit, tire gauge, gravel, and tow strap are some automotive tools that can be used if your tires get stuck while driving across a roadway or uncleared land. You need to know how to utilize each of the tools and how to handle various types of emergencies.

For instance, if you become stuck on a muddy surface, you should not continue stepping on the gas. This could cause one or more of your tires to dig deeper into mud. When stuck, you should put your vehicle into park and exit the vehicle. Walk around the vehicle to determine what obstacles are in the way. If one tire is stuck, use a shovel to remove mud from around both sides of the tire.

Pour a layer of gravel around the tire that was stuck. Get back into your vehicle and shift into drive. Try to slowly accelerate. If your vehicle will not budge, secure a towing chain to a sturdy object to try to gain leverage. 

Add A Towing Plan To Your Insurance And Acquire Contacts

If your insurance company offers a towing plan for an additional fee, it may be well worth it to add the plan to your existing coverage so that you are protected in case you cannot remedy a problem that involves getting stuck.

Make a list of towing companies who encompass the area that you will be traveling. Keep your phone charged throughout the road trip so that you can reach out for 4x4 recovery help if needed.


Replacing Windshield Wipers

At the age of sixteen, I was overjoyed to receive my driver’s license. Ever since this happy occasion, I’ve been driving to work, church, restaurants, shops, and a multitude of other places. Over the years, I’ve owned three different cars. One item I always strive to replace regularly on my vehicles is the windshield wipers. While driving through a hazardous storm, I want my windshield wipers to function correctly. During a downpour, your windshield wipers need to remove the raindrops from your windshield quickly and thoroughly. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best windshield wipers to install in your beloved vehicle. Enjoy!