3 Transmission Services That Are Best Done By Foreign Auto Specialists

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Like many of the other components of your car, your transmission needs routine maintenance. Over the years, you will need a variety of things done to your transmission, such as a fluid change, replacing seals or a new clutch install. Foreign autos often have different parts and requirements when doing these repairs, which is why you want to make sure your car is in the right hands. Here are some of the transmission services that you will want to take your car to a foreign auto specialist to have done:

1. Routine Transmission Fluid Change and Inspection  

The oil in your car needs to be changed regularly, but it is not the only fluids that you need to watch. You need to keep an eye on all the fluids in your car and have them changed when needed. Your transmission also needs to have its fluid changed, but just not as often as the oil. Make sure that you change the transmission fluid when needed, which is something that a foreign transmission repair service will be able to help you with. Take your car in regularly for routine inspections and recommendations on when the transmission fluid needs to be changed.

2. Replacing Transmission Seals and Parts That Have Worn Out

It is just as important to keep an eye on your transmission for potential problems as it is for any other part of your car. Make sure to watch for transmission leaks and loss of fluid. Your transmission should not leak or burn fluid. If you are losing transmission fluid, this is probably a sign that one of the seals has gone out and needs to be replaced. Take your car to a foreign transmission expert to find the leak and replace any damaged seals that are causing your car to lose transmission fluid.

3. Transmission Overhaul to Keep Your Car Running Like New

Over the years, your transmission is going to have wear, and there are going to be repairs that need to be done. A transmission overhaul is a great way to ensure that your transmission is performing as it should and that no major repairs are needed. An overhaul will involve changing the fluid, replacing seals and repairing any parts with excessive wear.

These are some of the transmission services that you will want to take your car to a foreign auto service to have done. Contact a foreign transmission repair service, such as Vonkattengell Transmission Service, when your car need major repairs to ensure repairs are reliable. 


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