3-Step Guide To Minimizing The Appearance Of Small Scratches In Your Car Door's Paint

Posted on: 21 May 2017

If you notice your car's door has several small scratches, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to cover them so they do not mar your vehicle's beauty. If so, use the three-step guide to minimize the appearance of the scratches in your car's paint using household items you can find in department stores.

Step 1:  Clean The Area With Toothpaste

This first step involves cleaning the scratch and the area around it using toothpaste. Not only does this give you a clean surface on which to work in step two, but the toothpaste also slightly sands the area. This helps even out the paint surrounding the scratch, giving it a smoother surface.

Wrap a soft, dry cloth around your index and middle fingers, then dab a small amount of the paste on the tip. Using small circles, rub the scratch and the paint around it. You may see the toothpaste take on a little of the paint's color while it sands the area.

Once you finished, wipe the paste off with a wet rag, and let the area air dry. Then, go on to the second step.

Step 2:  Fill The Scratch With Nail Polish

After the scratch and paint are clean, it is time to fill the scratch with nail polish. When selecting the polish you will use, try to match the color of your car's paint as closely as possible.

Using the brush that comes with the polish, apply a thin layer inside the scratch. Let this layer dry completely, then apply a second coat. With the second coat, extend it onto the surrounding paint to blend. 

Let the polish dry for several hours to give it time to fully set up. Then, go on to the third step.

Step 3:  Protect The Paint With Liquid Wax And Horse Liniment

In this step, you will create a protective outer layer for the nail polish using a mixture of liquid wax and horse liniment. When the two are combined, they create a hard layer that resists moisture and small impact.

Since the layer makes the area look shiny and clean, use it on the entire door at the very least to keep it from drawing direct attention to the scratched areas. Or, you can use it on your entire vehicle.

Mix equal parts of the wax and liniment, then rub it on the paint using small circles. Then, buff the paint to a shine using a soft, clean cloth

Using the above guide can help you cover small scratches in your car door's paint. However, if you have several large scratches, you may want to contact an auto body repair service to have them look at your vehicle and discuss options for fixing the damage.


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